"There are those who say time stops for no one, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They are ignorant fools, who have mastered neither time nor beauty. We, of course, have mastered both." - Seraphina, Daughter of Carthage, True Brujah Elder

One of the pillars of our game design is to give players great choices for all their characters. We have core principles for our art design, too, and one of the most important is that every image should inspire. When players, fans, and the community see the art in this book, we hope that they will be inspired to dream that vampires could be real, because the individuals and the locations the art depicts are themselves real. To challenge ourselves as we strive to live up to this principle, we’re starting with the more obscure bloodlines first.

Twenty-two years ago, White Wolf ushered in a new artistic era for roleplaying games, changing not only how these games are played but how they look, too. Today, we honor that artistic journey by inviting you to walk though time with us…and with one of the most popular, controversial and enigmatic bloodlines - the True Brujah.

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